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1 Hilsa fountain

Next to Bhola Govt School Grounds.

Govt school grounds by auto or rickshaw
2 চর মনপুরা

Monpura Upazila of Bhola District.

From Bhola, first you have to go to Tajumuddin Sea Truck Ghat. From there you can go to Manpura by sea truck at 3.00 pm. You can also go to Manpura by launching from Dhaka. Or you can go to Manpura by trawler at different times of the day.


3 Jacob Tower
70 km away from Bhola city, near Sagarkol, upazila town Charfashion, built with modern technology, Jacob Tower is one of the most attractive places for tourists.
If you drive from Bhola city to Charfashan, you can go to Jacob Tower by auto or rickshaw.
4 Tarua Beach and Mangrove Forest, Dhalchar
Tarua Beach is located near the Bay of Bengal in Dhalchar Union of Dakshin Aicha Thana at a distance of about 20 km from Charfashion Upazila Sadar.
You have to drive from Bhola Sadar to Charfashan town and then Tarua Beach is located near the Bay of Bengal in Dhalchar Union of Dakshin Aicha Thana at a distance of about 20 km from Charfashan Upazila Sadar.
5 Tetulia River Ecopark
Borhanuddin upazila near the banks of Tentulia river.
Rickshaw, autorickshaw, CNG or private car from Borhanuddin Municipality.
6 Nizam Hasina Foundation Mosque
It is located in Ukil Para, the heart of the city.
Rickshaw, autorickshaw or private car from Bhola municipality.
7 Buck Fountain
Located in the municipality at New Market Place.
Zilla Parishad can be reached by auto or rickshaw.
8 Betua Prashanthi Park

বেতুয়া লঞ্চঘাটের পাশে মেঘনার তীড় ঘেঁষে।

চরফ্যাশন পৌরসভা সংলগ্ন যেকোনো স্থান থেকে রিকশা, অটোরিকশা, সিএনজি অথবা ব্যক্তিগত গাড়ির মাধ্যমে।

9 Bhola Kayaking Point
Bhola Kayaking Point has been developed at Velumia Bazar Lake in Bhola Sadar.
Velumiya market in Bhola Sadar can be reached by auto or rickshaw.
10 Mangal Shikdar Launchghat, Lalmohan
Its location is 10 km east of Lalmohan Upazila Sadar along the bank of Meghna.
Its location in Lalmohan Upazila can be reached by auto or rickshaw from Bhola Sadar.
11 Manpura Landing Station

Hazarhat Launch Ghat

It is easy to walk to the landing station in 5 minutes walk from Haji Hat head.


12 Meghna River Ecopark
It is located near Meghna Kul in Nawab Miar Hat area of Borhanuddin Upazila.
You can drive from Bhola Sadar to Borhanuddin bus stand and go by auto or rickshaw.
13 Meghna-Shahbazpur Tourist Center (Tulatli)
08 km from Bhola municipality on Gazipur road near the banks of Meghna river.
It is very easy to reach from Bhola Sadar by auto rickshaw or CNG or personal car.
14 Shahbazpur Gas Field Borhanuddin
Located in Borhanuddin Upazila of Bhola.
Borhanuddin can be reached by car from Bhola Sadar and then by auto or rickshaw.
15 Sajeeb Wazed Joy Digital Park, Lalmohan
Located in Lalmohan Upazila.
From Bhola Sadar by car, you can get off at Lalmohan bus stand and go by rickshaw or auto.
16 Sakuchia South Union Mangrove Forest
20 km south of Manpura Sadar Upazila near the mouth of Meghna River in the area adjacent to Char Patalia and Char Pial.
Autorickshaw, motorcycle or private car from Manpura Sadar Upazila.
17 Char Kukri-Mukri : An Island of Heavenly Beauty
Charfashan is located in the south of the upazila in the Meghna river basin in the Bay of Bengal.

Bus or Private Car can be used to go there from Bhola sadar.