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Manpura Landing Station

Hazarhat Launch Ghat


It is easy to walk to the landing station in 5 minutes walk from Haji Hat head.




Landing station, built around 5 crores of rupees on the bank of the river Meghna, is about five hundred yards west of Manpura's main city. By the end of 2005, M / s started working on Rupali Builders Landing Station in Barisal. Landing station is built on the assumption that passengers and other launches along with passenger-cum-trucks will be of great benefit to the passengers. At the intensities of the Meghna river, four pillars in front of the landing station are destroyed. At one stage, after taking initiative to lift the pillars from the river, the contractors started work. The work was completed later. Sea-trucks and other passenger launches, it is built to seal with the trawler pillar, but it is not working anymore.

On one side of the Manpuras, they were disappointed but on the other side, Landing Station was chosen as a tourist center in the afternoon. Hundreds of visitors visit the city every day as entertainment centers. In the afternoon of the fall, a group of tourists chose a tourism tour as an element of sunset. The building, built in collaboration with hundreds of thousands of people, is cheering on the minds of thousands of people.